Pay by Skrill

To pay via Skrill please send the relevant payment amount to the Skrill account 

£300 for 12 months  I  £180 for 6 months  I  £35 for 1 month  I  £180 for Pay-Per-Profit

Please see below for a step-by-step guide how to do this if you are unfamiliar with the Skrill Send Money process.

1. After logging in to your Skrill account, click the Send Money button on your account homepage.

2. In the “Recipient Email” field please enter

In the amount field please ensure currency is set to GBP and enter the relevant amount for the subscription you want to take (£300 for 12 months, £180 for 6 months, £35 for 1 month, £180 for pay-per-profit). Then click “Review”

3. If all details are correct click the “Send Money” button. Depending on your type of account you may have to pay a 1.0% fee to Skrill. 

4. Once payment has been made please email us to let us know you have subscribed as Skrills notifications that someone has subscribed can sometimes take a few hours to automatically come through to us.