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Below are our results since the inception of the service in 2007. All bets have been, and continue to be, proofed live to Secret Betting Club and Pro Gambler.

The current recommended bank is 30 points.

You can download a list of our entire bet history here

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Overall Results

* Results last updated 26th March 2023

* In 2007 and 2008 we also recommended bets in the floor events (smaller off-TV tournaments). These bets made a substantial profit (+31.64 pts, 56% ROI). These were official bets at the time however we stopped recommending them midway through 2008 as members were finding it hard to get bets on as these were small markets. Therefore despite these bets making a large profit we have removed them from the records to ensure that the results accurately reflect future potential profit.

Service History

2022 is OnTheOche 16th year and as you can imagine strategies and approaches evolve as the years go by. There have essentially been 3 phases of the service:-

PHASE 1  (2007 – 2011)  –  The Low Hanging Fruit Years
Bets 573   I   Staked 504.50   I   Profit/loss +154.95 pts   I   ROI 30.7%

Back in the day, there was a lot of low hanging fruit to pick off in the darts markets. The markets weren’t very clued up and if you had a strong knowledge of the darts tour there were silly prices about. In the first 4 or 5 years of the service we were able to have bets that represented huge value as the markets didn’t really have any kind of handle on any player outside the big names.

However as darts grew in popularity, both as a sport and as a betting medium, the markets had to sharpen up and they did. It of course wasn’t an instant change but by around 2011/2012 it was clear a change of strategy was needed.

PHASE 2  (2012 – mid-2014)  –  Transitional Phase
Bets 519   I   Staked 273.25   I   Profit/loss +0.24 pts   I   ROI 0.08%

This was a tricky period. As you can see we were treading water during this time. Obviously this sum-up is based on hindsight and I didn’t specifically know it at the time, but looking back now it is obvious from the amount staked (much less than phase 1 and 3’s staked amount from a similar number of bets) that I must have subconsciously not been finding the value I had before in Phase 1 and would later in Phase 3.

The markets had smartened up and so I knew I couldn’t just carry on doing what I did before and expect to make a good profit. I knew I had to switch focus to the lower ranked and lesser known players. However in those days, there were still only really the main TV tournaments to bet on. Lower ranked and lesser known players were at a disadvantage in those events as they weren’t as used to playing in big stage events as the top players were.

However in 2013 the PDC introduced the Euro Tour events, a selection of tournaments held throughout Europe. These events are played in front of big crowds and for good prize money. Looking back, these events changed the PDC in my opinion as it allowed lower ranked and overseas players the same opportunities and stage experience that previously had only been open to the top players. 

From a betting point of view, this allowed me to be able to focus on lower ranked and overseas players. It gave enough betting opportunities to be able to make good money and also helped the lower ranked, lesser known players when it came to the major TV events. 

PHASE 3  (mid-2014 – current)  –  Focus on lower ranked players and developing my own data
Bets 1,390   I   Staked 1,107.25   I   Profit/loss +93.48 pts   I   ROI 8.44%

By the middle of 2014 the Euro Tour had been up and running for a year and I had pretty much settled on my new strategies. I had also started to develop my own data that I believe accurately rates performances better than anything that is publicly out there. 

Results since 2017 onwards (see below) are particularly relevant as that is when detailed data from the floor events became available and that has been a real benefit to bet selection.

It has been pretty successful all in all. It is of course not the skyrocket profit of the first 5 years of the service, but those days in darts betting are long gone. I would like to think this is a more sustainable and adaptable way of doing things giving steady yearly growth on the recommended 30pt bank.

* All the figures quoted here are based on the official odds stated in the daily emails. In reality those prices (and hence these figures) can often be beaten as I record at the generally available price and never record at top odds. Most members report that they beat the official year end totals quoted below.

Recent Results

As mentioned above, 2017 onwards is the most relevant period in terms of assessing future performance. That is when data of every throw became available for all the floor events (previously only results were publicly available). This changed the darts markets overnight and my approach to them.

The breakdown of results since then has been:-

As you can see, the bread and butter match bets have returned a good profit but the more high risk, high reward outright bets have eaten into some of it. 

Having in previous years been a nice contributor to the service, the outright bets have been incredibly frustrating in recent times as we have hit the crossbar on numerous occasions. We’ve got into some great positions and come very close to landing some of those outright bets at odds of 250/1, 66/1, 40/1, 33/1 etc but a couple of doubles the wrong side of the wire has cost us. 

That is, of course, the nature of big priced outright bets. They are going to lose most of the time until one lands. But if you’d prefer a smoother steadier ride, then it is perfectly fine just backing the standard match, handicap and 180 bets.

Like most sports, darts was heavily disrupted by the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. The majority of the Euro Tour events, World Series events, BDO/WDF events etc were all cancelled. This is where a good chunk of our profit comes from in a normal year hence the lower numbers than expected for those 2 years. 

Things returned to a normal schedule in 2022 and so our turnover/results have gotten back to a decent level.


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