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My name is Richard Anderson and I’ve been running the service since day 1 way back in 2007. 

I pride myself on running a honest, reliable and most importantly profitable service. Please take a look below for more info about me and the service. 

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What is OnTheOche?

OnTheOche is a darts tipster service. My name is Richard Anderson and I’ve been running the service since 2007 and have built up a reputation as being THE place for darts betting advice.

I guide you through the darts season, pinpointing the best value bets as and when they crop up. I do the research so you don’t have to!

We’ve grown members betting banks by over 800% since the start of the service, on average making bank gains of around 50 – 60% per year. 

I pride myself on running a honest and reliable service. Odds are recorded at fair and beatable prices. Bets are always sent at the same time each day and well in advance of matches. Bets are only given if in markets with good market depth and liquidity. Please take a look at our testimonials page for some examples of what our current members say about the service. 

Why darts?

Darts is the perfect betting niche as the markets are large enough to have good liquidity and to be able to get a decent bet on, but not large enough for the bookies to have a full handle on things outside the top 30 – 40 players. 

I started betting on darts 25+ years ago. I was a reasonable standard player back in the 90’s and would often play against the top players of the day in county games and in local open events. In those games I’d often see or play against an up and coming new player who caught the eye and I’d have a small bet on them if/when they made an appearance in a TV event. That was the initial point I got interested in the darts markets and I soon realised there was potential there and have been focusing on betting on darts ever since.

Where is your edge in these markets?

My edge primarily comes from knowing more than the market about lower ranked players or players unfamiliar to most as they are new to the tour or are from overseas.

There is not likely to be much value in a Michael Van Gerwen v Gerwyn Price match as everyone knows all there is to know about 2 top players like that. However a game featuring (for example) a UK player ranked 80 in the world vs a Japanese player new to the tour is going to be much more difficult for the market to accurately assess and price up. 

A combination of diligent research, a comprehensive database of statistics that goes beyond what is publicly available and some contacts in the right places allows me to get ahead of the market.

You can see a few past examples of how we have got the jump on the market and profited from early spotting of overpriced players here

How do I access the bets?

Bets are sent via email and also put up on a password protected members page. 

Bets are almost always sent out at the same regular time – 8.30am on the day of the game. The only exception to this is when the tournament schedule doesn’t allow but you’ll be given plenty of warning if that ever is the case. 

You can see an example of the usual email you will receive here

How many bets per year? What staking plan do you use?

In an average year there is likely to be around 170 – 200 bets, staking somewhere in the region of 160 – 180pts. Virtually all bets will be staked in the 0.25pts – 1.50pts range. The vast majority are 1.00pt bets.

The recommended bank is 30pts.

How liquid are the darts markets? How quickly do the odds drop when you send out the bets?

The darts markets are pretty strong. Virtually all firms price up games and liquidity on the exchanges is good. The average darts tournament market is probably a similar size to the average tennis tournament market.

There is a drop when bets are sent out, that is obviously unavoidable. But to counter this we never record at the top prices (leaving those for members to pick off and beat the official figures) and we only bet in liquid markets with widespread bookmaker coverage. 

Overall there shouldn’t be any major difficulties in matching, and indeed exceeding, the official figures.

Do you beat the market closing odds?

Yes and usually by a good margin, including Pinnacle closing lines.

At time of writing, the average price we bet at for match bets was 2.65 (official recorded odds). The average closing price of those bets based on the same recording criteria was 2.45.

For solely Pinnacle odds, the average Pinnacle price when the bet was sent out was 2.71. The average closing Pinnacle price of those bets was 2.40.

How much does membership cost?

Subscription prices are:-

  • £300 for 12 months membership (£25 per month)
  • £180 for 6 months membership (£30 per month)
  • £105 for 3 months membership (£35 per month)
  • £200 per 10pts profit made 

All prices are guaranteed never to rise for the lifetime of your subscription. If our prices go up in the future, your subscription cost will not rise and will remain at this rate for as long as you remain a member.

Is there anything specific I need to know about betting on darts compared to football or horse racing?

Not particularly. Virtually every bookmaker prices up every tournament nowadays so from a practical point of view it is just a case of getting the best odds possible.

From a pyschological point of view, darts is by its very nature a game quite literally decided by millimetres. As a result, the difference between a winning and losing bet is often the width of a wire on just 1 dart. The psychological effect of that can sometimes be tough to take. Bad beats and close things are part and parcel of betting on darts, perhaps more so than betting on most other sports. You have to be prepared to grind out times when it feels like everything is against you and you are not getting the rub of the green.

Like any investment there will be good periods and bad periods. 2023 is OnTheOche’s 17th year in operation. The service has been through all the ups and downs that betting brings in that time. I’ve seen it all and probably more than once! You can be assured that I’m in this for the long term. There will be no hiding or panicking after a losing run. No chopping and changing of strategies or reducing/increasing stakes. Everything is done with the long term in mind.

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The service is currently full but please join the waiting list and you will be informed when a spot becomes available.

Worth The Wait!

Join The Waiting List

The service is currently full but please join the waiting list and you will be informed when a spot becomes available.